Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 7th

Today is your birthday Lucy and I wanted to write early because I won’t get the opportunity later as we’ll have a house full of chaos and children all day.
It’s 3 years since you came into my life. Your birth was a truly amazing experience. After niggling all day, my waters broke and less than 45 minutes later you arrived under water in the birthing pool at home. Placid from that moment you have been an absolute joy to spend my days with. You were a very easy baby, which made the transition to 2 children so easy. I love to have your cuddles and kisses every day and I love it when you come into the bedroom every morning to say hello and have a cuddle.
Over the last few months I have seen you develop from a baby into a little girl – you are talking much more and you love communicating with words, rather than using hand signals. You love books and playing with all your toys – you love copying your big sister and being a big girl, which is just a joy to watch. You have learnt to argue and to fight back and to make yourself heard. You are quiet and calm but I don’t think you’ll be ignored – you are strong and determined and you pick your fights well. I think you will always be independent and stand out from your big sister.
You love climbing and being active and you are super speedy on your scooter and your bike, which is always such a shock for me because I still think of you as my baby, which you clearly are not – you are becoming a big girl.
I love the way you try to keep up with your energetic sister during the day but you fall asleep on my knee at bed time when I’m still reading stories. I love the way you hide your face when you know you have done something you shouldn’t have and I love the way you smile sweetly at your daddy when you want your own way.
You are a beautiful little girl. Thank you for being so amazing and so funny and so amazing and I look forward to watching you grow over the next year.


Blogger Annie said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Lucy...
Big Hugs to your Mummy too xxx

8:26 AM  

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