Monday, July 23, 2007

and life goes on...

Things haven't changed, everything seems to be back to normal, which is both comforting and heartbreaking.
We get up and make our tea and coffee and breakfast for the girls and now its summer we plan our day. Our girls are a blessing, they are perfect in a normal, hyperactive, driving us bonkers kind of way but sometimes when I look at them and I cuddle them I feel sad for what I have lost and for what I can never have with my boy, he will forever be a newborn baby and I can only imagine the rest.

It all seems too soon. I never imagined that I would be with the girls at the start of the summer holidays, I had prepared myself for being in hospital with Jamie for weeks/months and juggling time with the girls who would be with nanna and grandad. I really never thought Jamie would be gone so soon, or at all, I hoped he wasn't as poorly as the doctors suspected but he was much more seriously ill that anyone thought. Alice wishes she had a magic wand so she could go back in time and make Jamie alive and healthy. And so do I.


Blogger Shannon said...

How to make a girl cry - send her your blog address. Oh Sweetness, Im filled with such sorrow for you. Wish I could do more, but dont want to intrude. You know where I am when you want a hug, coffee, chocolate or weep.

7:51 PM  

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