Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm in my 34th week (how did that happen?!!)

I love my enormous bump - it's big and round and beautiful ( as well as uncomfy sometimes as well but I won't dwell on that!)
I love the way my belly is lop-sided, as you favour the left side.
I love the way you stretch out, so I can feel your arms and legs and your bump rolling about at the top of my bump
I love the way I can feel your head turning against my pubic bone
I love the way my belly goes hard as it gets ready for regular Braxton Hicks and then labour.

Being heavily pregnant is tiring and, at times, not very comfortable and I can't walk too far because I get so tired and uncomfortable but I am loving it. I never thought I would experience this again and I feel very blessed that I am pregnant again, that I have had the chance to bind with my third child, to feel him or her grow inside me and to wonder whether I have a son or a daughter.

My biggest fear when thinking about trying for a third baby was whether we were tempting fate after havign 2 healthy children. I decided then that I don't shy away from things because of fear of because they might be hard or challenging. I think I underestimated that and I feel incredible guilt over what the girls and the baby may experience over the next few weeks and months BUT I love this baby and, yes, it has been incredibly emotional but I feel blessed, I have been on a journey, I have made another beloved child and I have been so very very happy.


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