Monday, July 23, 2007

tidying up

We've had a big clear out today. Anna arrived at lunchtime to take the girls for the afternoon so we decided to take lots of things to the charity shop and to the tip. All the things we were keeping for our baby - the baby toys have gone, we said an emotional goodbye to the rocking pony, which was much loved by our girls when they were very little, all their small clothes have gone (which would have gone anyway because they are all pink and girly), the small ball pool, the potty, the trike.
The cot is going to the charity shop tomorrow and we are taking the pram and car seat to the children's ward tomorrow night.
The drawers are still full of newborn baby clothes and Jamie's hospital bag is still full of clothes and nappies - I think it will be a long time before I can part with those.

And I wonder why I haven't stopped crying today. Another emotional week.


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