Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New things

Things we have done since Jamie died that we wouldn't have bothered with if we were adjusting to life with 3 children:
  • We set up my office
  • We have set up my own business - Birth Basics (It's gonna be great!)
  • Our trip to Edinburgh
  • Gary got the pinball working
  • I've started writing again - I've written 2 features for magazines in the last few weeks
  • I've started to lose weight and get fit
  • I've been out DRINKING!
  • We're planning trips away next year
  • We've made changes in the house and we are planning more

We would swap all of it to have Jamie back - but we can't have him back so I'm proud of the positive steps we have made to create a new normal for our family which involves tears, hugs, hope and happiness.


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