Sunday, June 08, 2008

My children never fail to surprise and amaze me

Alice has written a card for Jamie's birthday:

To my baby brother
I love you so much I wish you were still alive
Love your sister Alice

And little Lucy was telling my friend Emily that her 18month old son was being naughty:
"My brother Jamie was never naughty, he was too poorly"

Me and Gary don't often talk about Jamie, it hurts too much but the girls mention him several times a week. When adults say that young children are unaffected by the death of a baby because they can't possibly comprehend what has happened, they are wrong!

My girls are keeping Jamie's memory alive, he is very much a part of their lives, he is in their thoughts, he has touched their lives in ways we never imagined. They tell their friends about him and they explain that he was too poorly to stay with us for very long, they explain about all the tubes Jamie was attached to. Alice also explains how Jamie was cremated and turned into dust so we could scatter his ashes in the sea. I am so so proud of my girls, they shouldn't have to experience this loss and all the emotions that accompany it but they have coped brilliantly and they help us during our darkest days with their questions, their hugs and their love of life.


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