Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beautiful baby

We had another scan yesterday - baby growing well, very active, heart doesn't appear to be any worse - and we saw baby's face. So so amazing, we could make out its little features and it looks so much like our girls. Gary thinks baby is a girl. I said we could ask but he wants to wait. Patience is not my strongest virtue but I guess I can wait a few more weeks to find out if I have made a girl or a boy.
I feel quite positive about it all at the moment, although desperately hoping that our hopes don't get smashed at the next scan. I asked about the birth and, at this stage, there is no reason not to have a vaginal birth, especially as I have already had 2 straightforward births. Atleast I can feel normal again - afterall I am having a physically good pregnancy, now I can prepare for the birth the way I would normally do. It will be so different being in hospital that I need to get my head round it but I know I can do it. I just need to talk to the consultants about my labour not being treated as high risk as I would like to be as active as possible and I'd love to use water again. I can't really imagine doing it without being in water. As long as baby stays well and I don't go into labour before 37 weeks, I will aim to treat labour as normal as possible - it's only after the birth that baby needs to be closely monitored and tested.
We've got a few weeks to go yet though, so we need to hope and pray that the heart doesn't get any worse and that we have a chance of a healthy baby. But for now, I am concentrating on staying calm and stress-free, planning alice's party and preparing for the birth of my baby.


Blogger Annie said...

Huge Hugs from me yet again... awww thinking about you loads.
Pleased to hear that "they" are supporting a vaginal birth - I know it's not the whole homebirth package you wished for - but you have the knowledge and the belief to make it a lovely birth where ever... it'll be magical Hun... xxx's

7:18 PM  

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