Sunday, June 03, 2007

another week another scan

I was so dreading this scan, i really didn't want to go at all and as a consequence got myself all stressed out and had the headache from hell for 2 days before hand. But I am so glad we did go. It looks like the heart is still stable, baby is growing and is very active and we had a lovely scan. The Dr pointed out that our baby has hair, which was amazing and we got to look at the baby's face again - what a beautiful little thing it is. I have more fluid but it is still within the boundaries of normal and, as my tummy is still soft, the Dr was happy and didn't want to reduce the fluid. So we are back in another fortnight to check fluid levels again but to see Dr Moran again to have a closer look at the heart.

It was another good hospital trip and I cam away feeling very positive and quite happy. I just hope and hope and hope that this amazing baby can cope with all of this and fight, fight, fight. We are still clinging to the hope that the stomach problem dosn't exist and that the heart problem isn't as bad as they think.

And my bump truly is enormous - I look like I am ready to have the baby tomorrow, let alone 6-8 weeks time.
So my aim now is to stay as calm and positive as I can - for everyone's sanity and to encourage my baby to grow well - and to get organised for Alice and Gary's birthdays.
And we're seeing Sister Walsh from the Freeman tomorrow to find out more about the heart unit and what we can expect from the care there. The one piece of silver lining about all of this is that the Freeman is about 15 minutes away so toing and froing from there is very do-able. Some families are hours apart and the mums don't get to see their older children from weeks. I'm so lucky that I won't have that because that would make all of this just so much harder and i just don't think i could cope. I have no idea what July and August holds for us yet but I know it won't be easy, it just has to be as nice as possible for the girls and we'll just have to make it up as we go along.


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